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Справочник терапевта

Справочник терапевта

Professional guide diseases for physicians and medical students.
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Справочник терапевта Description

"Therapist Handbook" contains an extensive database of medical information on various diseases and conditions, structured according to ICD-10.

This is a professional reference book of diseases for general practitioners and medical students.

Handbook contains review articles and clinical protocols (diagnosis and treatment standards).

Review articles on diseases prepared by a team of experienced clinicians on the basis of scientific and educational literature, international standards and recommendations of the health care organizations and communities.
Clinical protocols developed by the Ministry of Health and Social Development (Kazakh standards).

All information about the diseases are conveniently grouped by sections (etiology, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, complications, prevention).

At present in the directory more fully described in the digestive system diseases (gastroenterology) and circulatory diseases (cardiology). Work on the introduction of respiratory diseases (pulmonology); filling endocrinology sections, congenital diseases, dentistry.

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