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全民健保行動快易通 | 健康存摺

全民健保行動快易通 | 健康存摺

"Nationwide Health Insurance Mobile Autotoll" is an application developed by the Central Health Insurance Administration. Through this program, the public can grasp various information of the National Health Insurance Administration anytime and anywhere!
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全民健保行動快易通 | 健康存摺 Description

Function and service description:
. Inquiries about hospitals: inquire about the location map of nearby or specific hospitals, and inquire about the medical services provided and the situation of the clinics.
. Health Passbook: Inquire about personal health passbook (currently there are records of the most recent western, dentist and Chinese medicine visits, dentist outpatient information, visit schedules, physiological measurement records, medical reminders, allergy information, device donation or peaceful mitigation medical wishes and liver cancer risk prediction And other functions).
. Mobile counter: check unpaid premiums, premium payment records, pay health insurance premiums using current accounts or credit cards, apply for health insurance cards online, check insurance records, apply for insurance deposits, and change personal correspondence addresses, etc.
. Medical quick search: inquire about medical institutions, medication items, special materials, payment standards, price comparison of self-financed medical materials, scanning slow and continuous bar codes and medication reminders, and processing progress of self-imposed medical expenses verification and refund cases.
. Service base: Inquire about the telephone number and address of the department's headquarters and divisional business groups, and plan the route to go with the navigation and positioning function.
. Health insurance laws and regulations: Query health insurance laws and regulations by category.
. Emergency bed: inquire about the emergency information of the national severe emergency hospitals.
. Emergency treatment: query the emergency treatment method.
. Health insurance newsletter: news releases, event venues, announcements, push messages, health insurance videos, newsletter subscriptions, and health insurance Q&A.

If the Android operating system is upgraded to version 8, 9, or 10, the device will need to be re-certified due to the change in the method of obtaining the serial number of the certified operating system. Sorry for the inconvenience caused

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