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MedsWithMe Description

MedsWithMe allows you to store all medications that you have (pills, drops, gels, creams, capsules, sprays etc) in mobile. All information about your drugs always will be with you.

Application features:
* Medicine storage with category, dosage form, storage place, expiration date, amount etc. with searching and sorting in it.
* Notifications about shelf life, shelf life for opened package and balance (medicine requires refill).
* Reminders about taking medication (paid feature). Allows to setup 4 different kind of reminders (hourly, daily, weekly and monthly) with automatic reduction of medicine quantity.
* Barcode (UPC code) scanner (paid feature). Allows to identify a new medicine by scanning its barcode. Available for: Russia, USA.
* Data synchronization (paid feature). Allows to synchronize medicines, shopping list and medical reports between users and devices. Unfortunately this functionality could not be included in Pro version since it requires running servers 24x7.
* Offline medicines database (with medicament name, category and dosage form) for faster filling medicine details. Doesn't require internet connection for usage. Available for: Russia, USA.
* Offline/online instruction database. Contains a description, side effects, contraindications and other information about drugs. Offline database available on next languages: russian.
* Shopping list to track what you need to buy.
* Medical reports to remember why you use specific medication.
* Backup&restore your data.
* Export medicines in CSV format (paid feature). Allows to analyze your medicines in any office application or print it and take to a doctor.

Application doesn't have demo version for in-app purchase. It is not required because by Google Play policies you can get a refund in 48 hours after purchase.

* full network access, view network connections - used to download medicine databases, synchronization etc
* camera - used for barcode scanner
* run at startup - used for notifications
* read contacts - used for sharing kits

Application collects anonymous statistics about application usage like operations execution time and occurred errors.

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