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NCOVI is the official application of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Information and Communications.
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NCOVI Description

NCOVI is the official application of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Information and Communications to assist people nationwide to make voluntary medical declarations, contributing to the prevention and fight against acute pneumonia caused by new strains of Corona virus. out. This is also an official channel for state agencies to send recommendations to people about the disease situation.

Using NCOVI application to help people actively prevent and control COVID-19:
- Declare health information of yourself and your family anytime, anywhere.
- Promptly send information on the disease COVID-19, the suspect object around the area where you live.
- Quickly and officially update information and statistics on COVID-19 from the Ministry of Health.
- Receive recommendations and instructions to effectively prevent diseases and reduce the risk of nCov infection.

The information is declared voluntarily on the NCOVI application to help the Ministry of Health, the National Steering Committee for disease prevention:
- Manage the travel information of cases of infection or isolation according to regulations.
- Promptly detect cases at risk of infection.
- Get comprehensive information about the disease to make appropriate decisions.

Information declared voluntarily by people through the NCOVI application is protected according to the provisions of Vietnamese law. The data is stored and kept confidential by government agencies and only used for the purpose of helping people protect their health against the COVID-19 disease, absolutely not for commercial use, not for life infringement from.

If you have difficulty installing or using the NCOVI application, please contact us for assistance. The NCOVI application development team is making efforts to apply it more and more completely, serving the country and the people in COVID-19 disease prevention.
- Website: https://egov.mic.gov.vn/
- Phone: (+ 84-24) 3 226 2690
- Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

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