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ICD 10 - ICD 11 Diagnosen Pro 2020

ICD 10 - ICD 11 Diagnosen Pro 2020

ICD 10 GM 2020 + ICD 11 + therapeutic products catalog (physiotherapy / occupational therapy)
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ICD 10 - ICD 11 Diagnosen Pro 2020 Description

The Diagnostic App Pro.
You can't get more content:

Find all details about the official German ICD-10 catalog 2020.
16,000 diagnoses + 80,000 synonyms + remedy catalog.

Unique position 1: Frequency of diagnoses (outpatient, inpatient) from 3 official sources. Length of stay and death rate in the hospital.

Unique position 2: WHO ICD-11 codes. Soon everything will have to be encoded in ICD-11. See what the new codes are here.

Unique position 3: Hyperlinks / cross references in Inclusiva and Exclusiva. Jump directly to the corresponding codes.

Unique position 4: Medicinal products catalog and Morbi-RSA integrated. Search for indication groups (EN1, SP2 etc.) and find all corresponding diagnoses. Prescription quantities, frequency recommendations and goals of occupational therapy / physiotherapy are also given.

Unique position 5: export of details.

Unique position 6: sophisticated search.
Search with 2 terms.
Search for "Notification", "New 2020", "Physiotherapy" etc.
Coding instructions (and synonyms, inclusions etc.) contain valuable information. In contrast to other apps, the coding instructions are both contained and searchable in this app (and of course all other content)! To test, enter "dissocial" in the search for another ICD app. Among other things, all ICDs are found that start with F92. Please compare with other apps.

Receive the ICD-11 Pro app if you buy it here. Send the Google Play receipt number. to [email protected]

Answer questions like:
• What does the code "M45" mean?
• What are "goat peter" or "glassblower disease"?
• What diagnoses are new in 2020?
• Which group of specialists most often codes for diabetes?
• How many people were in the hospital because of I10.00 / did they die there?
• What coding instructions (inclusive, exclusive) are there for diagnosis E11.01?
• What are the definitions for diagnosis F40.0?
• Which diagnoses are notifiable?
• Which diagnoses are related to long-term medication needs?
• What diagnoses do I find when I search for "Physiotherapy / Occupational Therapy / Voice, Speech, Speech Therapy"?

Data sources used:
• ICD 10 2020
• ICD 11 WHO 2019
• Catalog of remedies
• Morbi-RSA 2020
• destatis, BARMER medical report

The following details are displayed for an ICD in the app: (see screenshots)
• ICD code and text
• ICD chapter, group and subgroup
• Notification requirement (doctor or laboratory)
• Age / gender restrictions
• Frequency in outpatient / inpatient care
• Reference to the remedy catalog: indication groups (AT2, ST1 etc.) separated according to:
          - Special need for prescription
          - Long-term need for medication
• Relation to morbidity-oriented risk structure adjustment (illness, HMG, DXG)
• Coding instructions (inclusive, exclusive and even definitions)
         each at group / 3-digit or end-digit level
• Use according to §295 / §301
• Synonyms (Alpha ID list)

The coding instructions with the inclusive and exclusive are given centrally for all levels (group, 3-digit, 4-digit) in the ICD details. This is more practical than in the book, where this information is stored in different places.

In the search, every single character is searched for immediately and the number of hits is displayed.

What is the ICD 10?
The International Classification of Diseases, German Modification (ICD 10 GM) is the official classification for diagnoses in outpatient and inpatient care in Germany and is used to encode diseases and causes of death.
The ICD 10 GM is a version of the ICD 10 WHO adapted to the requirements of the German health care system.
DIMDI publishes the ICD-10-GM on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Health. They are used in the inpatient area according to § 301 SGB V and in the outpatient area according to § 295 SGB V.

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