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Doula Labour Coach | Pregnancy

Doula Labour Coach | Pregnancy

by DTT in Medical
The Doula Labour Coach app will help you deliver your baby.
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Doula Labour Coach | Pregnancy Description

The most complete and highest rated childbirth app. For extra support in the final phase of your pregnancy. With this app, you will have a midwife by your side during the whole childbirth, starting from the first contraction. Midwife Mary will lovingly coach you through all your contractions. You only have to listen; her soothing voice will relax you. If you want, you can play beautiful music. The statistics of your contractions are automatically shown in an clear graph.

The app is available in different languages: English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Turkish, and Moroccan. Please note, the app contains in-app purchases, but still offers full support without payment.

The app is developed in collaboration with leading professionals from healthcare and maternity care, and is therefore in the top 5 of national pregnancy apps. Obstetricians at the Birth center Amsterdam recommend Doula.

Users about Doula:

“I became so relaxed because of the voice of the Doula App. And even when I started to panic I pressed the ‘puff’ button and I was coached back to breathing calmly” – The mother of Senna

“What a pleasant app. It helped me through my contractions last night! Recommended for every pregnant woman.”

“Downloaded the app to help my wife with labour. It was really helpful when my wife was in labor. It was really calming and she enjoyed it. Made it easy for me to help.” – Craigrage

“A very beautiful app. I wish I had a doula but this is as close as I can get. This is my first pregnancy and it is very soothing and calming. I will be using this app when I give birth at the hospital this year. Thank you.” – SytheticElegance

Doula in the press:

“Obstetrician Marij Sibie is our hero: She developed the app Doula Childbirth Coach. Press ‘contraction starts’ and she talks you through it with her calm voice, press ‘contraction stops’ and she helps you relax again. This is the relieving app” – Viva Mama, Dutch mothering magazine

“The application is very simple, and that’s very good considering the situation” – iPhoneclub, Dutch leading iOS website

“A popular childbirth coach with a warm accompanying voice and background music” – Parool, leading Dutch newspaper

“The app includes a ‘puff’ button with breathing exercises” – Trouw, leading Dutch newspaper

“Voice talks to the soon-to-be mother in a calm way, while restful music is played on the background” – Gazet van Antwerpen, leading Belgian newspaper

“During a overwhelming experience like this, it’s pleasant for a future mother to know that there is a professional helping hand present to fall back on; Doula Childbirth Coach” – Babystuf, Dutch leading baby website

“Having an experienced obstetrician by your side during your whole childbirth, starting at your first contraction. Who doesn’t want that?” – Appstar.tv

- Voice coaching during the contractions
- Voice coaching after the contractions
- Breathing accompaniment (in-app purchase)
- Relaxing background sounds
- Upload your own background music (in-app purchase)
- Graph edification of your contraction times (in-app purchase)

Simple, modern, relaxing, clear, and easy to use. Try Doula now and create a valuable resting point during your childbirth. After you’ve used Doula, you will never need another childbirth app. A beautifull app to complete your pregnancy.

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