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Order any medicines and get an order at your local pharmacy!
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Apteka.RU Description

Apteka.RU: Order any drugs from your Android within a minute and receive your order at the nearest pharmacy!
The Apteka.RU mobile application is designed to quickly search for and order medicines and health and beauty products on the website of the Russian service Apteka.RU.
Spend a few seconds downloading the free app - get more free time and save money.
Apteka.RU mobile application is:
- Instant search in the database of more than 10,000 products for beauty and health;
- Delivery of the order to any of 12,000 pharmacies in 95 cities of Russia;
- Convenient search by product name or active ingredient;
- Quick checkout - even easier than on the site;
- No extra features;
- Regular free updates that will make the application even more convenient and functional.
With the Apteka.RU app, you can find the funds you need and place an order anywhere in Russia with an internet connection!

Apteka.ru is a service for finding and ordering medicines and other goods. An "order" on the website www.apteka.ru (in the application "Apteka.ru") is understood as the formation by the user of the specified website (application) of an application to JSC NPK Katren from a pharmacy organization for the supply of the selected product in accordance with the agreement concluded between the latter supplies. It is not a public offer.
*The nearest pharmacy is one of the 15,000 partner pharmacies where the user can buy the product.

We will be happy to help you work with the Application and look forward to your feedback and suggestions. Write to us by email: [email protected], [email protected]

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