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Справочник врача - МКБ-10, МЭС, СМП

Справочник врача - МКБ-10, МЭС, СМП

Medical assistance: medical calculators, laboratory diagnostics, standardized MPS
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Справочник врача - МКБ-10, МЭС, СМП Description

Reference doctor: standards of treatment of diseases and ambulance, medical calculator, drugs and their analogues, ICD-10, laboratory diagnostics (tests). As well as medical news, the latest publications PubMed and FEMB (medical literature) - all in one application, for free and without ads!

Why us?

?More than 400,000 doctors trust us

?205 medical calculators

The latest update of the Vidal and ICD 10 medication guide for free

?More than 20,000 scientific medical publications in Russian (FEMB) and English (PubMed)

Your specialty is surgery, therapy, anesthesiology and resuscitation, are you an ambulance doctor? A medical college student who needs a doctor's guide? You’ve probably more than once searched Google for a “medicine reference book”, “a handbook of diseases and drugs”. Are you a doctor of “narrow” specialization (urology, gynecology, cardiology), but does your patient or relative need first aid?

The application "Doctor's Handbook" is a medical encyclopedia that will allow you to always have on hand:

⚕ Medical news: clinical cases, translation of publications of advanced foreign publications, as well as current medical news every day;

Medical calculator: more than 200 calculators, grouped by system, with the ability to search by name and add to favorites list;

⚕ Directory of drugs Vidal: a complete directory of drugs and their analogues;

⚕ Clinical recommendations (treatment protocols);

⚕ International Classification of Diseases (ICD 10 for free): includes edits in accordance with the letter of the Ministry of Health of Russia dated 05.12.2014 No. 13-2 / 1664 (all diseases are a reference book of diseases);

⚕ Medical laboratory tests: norm tests, complete reference book of analyzes, containing 442 laboratory indicators (the whole medical encyclopedia);

⚕ TNM Handbook: International Classification of Malignant Tumor Stages;

⚕ Surgery codes: all surgeries in codes of the federal fund OMS with the nomenclature of KSG;

⚕ Federal standards of medical care (FSMP);

⚕ MES Handbook: medical and economic standards developed by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, including diagnostic and treatment protocols, recovery requirements, and length of stay of the patient in the hospital (real help to the doctor);

⚕ Handbook of emergency medical care: Algorithms and standards for the provision of emergency and emergency medical care to sick and injured emergency medical service teams, developed by the team of the Emergency and Emergency Medical Station. A.S. Puchkova;

Federal Electronic Medical Library (FEMB): more than 20,000 medical publications — first-hand medical news;

⚕ PubMed: search in the English-language database of medical publications with the ability to download and use free materials. The English-language medical literature is the basis of the theoretical knowledge of the modern doctor;

⚕ Online professional liability insurance of doctors and medical workers from Ingosstrakh.

All diseases and their treatment in one application! More than 400,000 doctors trust us (a whole league of doctors!). In our application, a directory of drugs and diseases will always be at hand, and the mobile medical encyclopedia in your pocket!

Available offline: Vidal medication guide (requires preloading), medical calculators, ICD 10, MES, TNM classification, SMP standards, surgical codes, clinical guidelines, medical laboratory tests.

This application is a real help to the doctor, as well as to the residents and students of medical universities.

Employees of MIR LLC are happy to help doctors in their daily hard work! If any difficulties arise, please contact us at [email protected], we will definitely help you to understand and solve the problem.

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