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Sing Downloader for WeSing

Sing Downloader for WeSing

Easy to download your karaoke song for WeSing in video or Mp3 music audio
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Sing Downloader for WeSing Description

How to save songs & video from WeSing to phone gallery ?
Or how to download recorded songs from WeSing? How To Download Songs From WeSing App?

You can download recordings in audio and video from WeSing.

Download Recordings From WeSing to Your Phone with this simplest way. Simple and Easy and Fastest Song Download from WeSing
Easy to download your karaoke WeSing song.

1) Open official WeSing app open the song that you want to download.

2) Click "Share" then select "Copy Link"

5) "Sing downloader for WeSing - Download WeSing Audio/Video Songs" app will auto detect and show for you to download Video, Mp3 Music.

6) All downloaded songs are saved in Phone/Wesing-Song-Downloader

- Easy to download for your karaoke WeSing songs.
- Play your downloaded karaoke song offline in two formats video and audio.
- Share your favorite karaoke song.
- Play both audio and video file format.

Benefits of using WeSing Downloader
- Save WeSing Song to your Android and video downloader for WeSing
- Easy & Fast: WeSing Downloader is very easy to use. You can download any WeSing song easily & fast.
- Quality Files: You will get the same quality audio or video file recorded by user in WeSing app.
- Support convert to mp3 with mp3 downloader for WeSing
- Totally Free: WeSing Audio Video Downloader is totally free to use. You don't need to pay single penny to Save WeSing Songs in your device.

Disclaimer about download songs from WeSing and download video from WeSing:
We do not save/download/cache any audio and/or video. Everything is realtime using publicly accessed file on WeSing website. We don't have access to delete original performance but if the original performance on WeSing website deleted, we will never show any files automatically. To request deletion of any performance or fill DMCA report please check WeSingstudios terms here: https://www.WeSingApp.com/#/terms

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