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Musical Game for Kids

Musical Game for Kids

Fun educational game. Join this fun music party!
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Musical Game for Kids Description

It is an application specially created so that all boys and girls get closer to music, can share great moments with their parents, and have fun while developing musical skills.

The application interface is colorful and bright. It will interest and please your kids as he will learn music while playing.

Boys and girls can unleash their imaginations by composing their own melodies on different instruments. It is an exciting app for kids and adults!

The application has several game modes:

♬ Music Bands:
Become a true music star directing the bands and friendly musicians specially designed for children with different musical styles (rock, pop, country, reggae, among others).

♬ Rhythms:
It composes sound patterns over time, generating fun rhythms with the animation of the friendly musicians.

♬ Songs:
Learn how to play fun popular children's songs. Blow up the bubbles and release the jellyfish that will reproduce the notes of each song in a striking marine setting. At the end of each song you will receive a congratulation and you can play a new song.

♬ Musical instruments:
Have fun freely composing melodies in a cheerful beach setting with friendly characters, being able to choose to play the xylophone, piano or saxophone.

The whole family will be able to develop their musical talent and have fun composing songs together!


Your child will improve his skills not only in music, but this application will help him develop memory, concentration, imagination and creativity, as well as motor, intellectual, sensory and speech skills.

⭐️ Increase listening, memorizing and concentrating skills.
⭐️ Nurture children's imagination and creativity.
⭐️ It stimulates the intellectual, motor, sensory, auditory and speech development of the little ones.
⭐️ Improves sociability, making little ones relate better to their peers.


⭐️ Totally FREE! There is no blocked content.
⭐️ Various game modes.
⭐️ Beautiful and funny animated characters.
⭐️ Pleasant, high-quality instrument sounds (Piano, Xylophone, Saxophone, Drums, Guitar, Flute, Bass, among others)
⭐️ More than 20 famous songs to learn to play.
⭐️ Intuitive and very easy to use!

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