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Portal Garuda Cyber Indoneisa

Portal Garuda Cyber Indoneisa

Garuda Cyber ​​Indonesia portal that can be used as a source of information
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Portal Garuda Cyber Indoneisa Description

Media information made by PT. Garuda Cyber ​​Indonesia which can be used as a source of various information.

Garuda Cyber ​​is an information technology company located in Jakarta & Pekanbaru Riau.
Garuda Cyber ​​is a company engaged in Information Technology. Garuda Cyber ​​was established in 2010, and was formalized in the form of a legal entity as a company on October 19, 2013.

We have an experienced team in their field consisting of CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, Administration, Project Manager, Analyst, Programmer, Multimedia & Designer. The number of human resources is dozens of people, on average have experience of 3 years and above and are based on education and skillful engineer experience, so that it will provide more value in completing the provision of solutions to customer needs.

In providing services to customers, Garuda Cyber ​​is based on the latest technology, a combination of analysis, content, design and functionality. So that the products produced really provide solutions to customers.

The flagship product from Garuda Cyber ​​is:
1. G-Smart Campus
2. G-Smart School
3. G-Smart Company
4. G-Smart Cooperative
5. G-Smart Medical
6. G-cashier
7. G-Website
8. TokoKarcis.com

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