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FamilyKeeper - Parent

FamilyKeeper - Parent

Designed for parents, for the protection of children from online threats.
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FamilyKeeper - Parent Description

~ Install this app on the Parent's phone. Be your child's Keeper! ~

FamilyKeeper is every parent's dream come true!

FamilyKeeper is a parental control tool to protect children from online threats. It can be used to set up internet time limits, block inappropriate apps and sites, and see analytics of where kids spend time online. Other features: - Location tracking - Pick me up - SOS - Malicious content tracking

FamilyKeeper is an AI-Powered child protection program that studies your child’s smartphone activity & behaviour, detects patterns of inappropriate activities while alerting parents accordingly by using complex algorithms based on machine learning.

Social Networks:
Compatible with most social networks. Complex active algorithms detect new trending social networks and allow full compatibility.

Real time alerts for age inappropriate activities.
Inappropriate content analysis takes place on all messaging platforms, all social networks & all web browsers.

Real time notifications when child has arrived at or departed from Home, School and Dangerous locations

Time & Lock:
Set specific times during which
your child can access these categories:
- Games
- Social Networks
- Web browsers

How to Instal FamilyKeeper:

1. Parent downloads & registers to ‘FamilyKeeper’
2. Parent then pairs the parent & child apps using a unique PinCode / QR Code provided in the parent’s app
3. Parents actively getting notified for any exposure to inappropriate / suspicious activity on the child’s device.

Available Languages: Chinese / English / Hebrew/ Kazakh / Latvian / Russian / Spanish

For further information please contact us at: www.familykeeper.co or through our email, at: [email protected]

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