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BabyCare:  Baby Feeding, Diaper, Sleep Tracker

BabyCare: Baby Feeding, Diaper, Sleep Tracker

Best way to track newborn baby feeding, sleep session, diaper changing & health
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BabyCare: Baby Feeding, Diaper, Sleep Tracker Description

New parents who have used feeding logs and record all aspects of their newborn’s trends, development and changes. This app is very useful those need to care for your little one. Also track multiple baby logs.

** Baby Age Banner (share baby age photo)

** You can set monthly baby photos and share to your family and friends

** Remove unwanted events from timeline from settings option-> Show in Timeline

*BabyCare: Baby Feeding, Diaper, Sleep Tracker app offers to track following parameters:
★ Feeding (Bottle, Food and expressing), Breastfeeding and baby feeding tracker
★ Sleeping (Baby sleep tracker)
★ Diaper Changing (Baby diaper tracker)
★ Expressing
★ Measurements (Weight, Height and head circumference)
★ Condition (Symptoms and mood tracker)
★ Medicine
★ Doctor (Diagnosis)
★ Activity (Walking, bathing, Care, Massage, Playtime)
★ Temperature
★ Spit-up
★ Health Condition

*Baby Events Reminders
- You can set reminder for baby activities after certain time or set it to repeat like every 2 hours, 5 hours etc. You can set separate reminders for activities.

*Charts and Summary
✔ Share baby charts with your friends on Facebook, email and more

*Backup & Restore Data
- Backup and restore baby logs by locally or upload it to drive (cloud backup).

*BabyCare: Baby Feeding, Diaper, Sleep Tracker app premium features:
- Write notes for Newborn feeding, breastfeeds, sleeps, diaper changes, weight, height and head circumference growth
- Track breastfeeding, sleep sessions, body measurements, diaper changes, baby care and growth
- Record activities, moods, temperatures, doctor visit and diagnosis and medications
- Visualize trends and routines of your little one with the timeline and various chart
- Track your little one's Newborn baby care notes, feeding, foods, meals, milk and expressing
- App track parameters like feed baby, baby food tracker and tracks baby feeding patterns.

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