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شرطة الاطفال المطور مكالمة وهمية‎

شرطة الاطفال المطور مكالمة وهمية‎

Kids police developed for parents can be used to correct and reward child behavior - police application
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شرطة الاطفال المطور مكالمة وهمية‎ Screenshots

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شرطة الاطفال المطور مكالمة وهمية‎ Description

The developed children's police application is the most preferred application for parents, mothers, grandparents and older brothers to develop children's performance and reward them for their correct behaviors and try to correct their wrong behaviors.
How many of us are trying to correct the performance and behavior of our children and direct them to the right, but with the passage of time and the older the child their behavior improves, but inevitably after a high and great effort and perseverance from parents to improve and modify these behaviors, here we are the children's police game we offer you the latest application to reward Your child, when performing the right and proper behaviors, police the children.
Let your child enjoy a special call from the children's police to reward him for the correct actions if they do it, and this we have developed a special technique to make the call more special with a pre-recorded message and be in his name from the children's police game
And the situation is exactly the same as your child's wrong actions, as his police condition game will aim at informing your child of the mistake he has made, and what punishment will he get if he does not improve his behavior and in addition to the rewards that he will receive from the child police game if the behavior is good, you must work on The reward for the child after correcting the behavior so that we maintain and maintain the link and confidence of the children's police is high and large.

The following actions are the ones we covered in the children's police game:
- the toilet
- The school
- Cleaning teeth
- Arrange the games
- Back to Home
Saying honesty
Obedience to parents - Police game for children

We hope that we can help you to improve the performance of your children, and we advise you to keep any promises you make to your children so that you and the police condition you maintain high credibility with your children.
Police Police game is a game that provides many dialects including (Gulf dialect - Bahraini Iraqi, Emirati, Emirati, letters, Saudi, Kuwaiti, Omani, Qatari and the dialect of the Levant Syria, Lebanese, Palestinian, Jordanian and Egyptian dialect)

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