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Имя для ребенка ? Имена для детей. Значение имени

Имя для ребенка ? Имена для детей. Значение имени

How to name a child? Choose a name for the baby: a boy and a girl. What does the name mean?
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Имя для ребенка ? Имена для детей. Значение имени Screenshots

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Имя для ребенка ? Имена для детей. Значение имени Description

Babynames, choosing a name for your baby ??
Babynames - very handy app to choose a name for the baby. No longer need to buy large directories, write the names and their meaning. More than 13 000 names of options for your child - in a single application and is always at hand!
Many parents pay much attention to the meaning of the name you choose for the crumbs. Other special importance to betray religious instruction, calendar, link selection name day, name day is determined. Attached you will find a Slavic names, originally Russian names for children, Orthodox names, the names of the church, traditional for many faiths and nationalities, as well as original and rare names for children.
You do not know how to name the baby? Babynames Download the app and select the name of the girl or the boy's name. You get access to a huge and comfortable base, which certainly has the perfect name for your baby!
What do you call the boy ??
The names of the boys' parents try to establish a truly masculine. It is believed that names can affect the value of the character, and even the fate of their carriers. Therefore, boys names translated into the native language - is often the courage, fortitude, courage, and the courage, dignity and honesty. Choosing a name for a boy, you need to pay special attention to the combination of a name. After all, your heir - the successor of sorts.
What do you call a girl ??
To pick up the girl's name is not always easy. Parents want to show your care, love, kindness reflect. It is important as a sound diminutive variation of the name. Of particular importance are the names for girls: growing up, they pay attention to their individuality.
Features of the app:
✔️ Easy navigation
Flipping to the right - if the name is like the left - if the name is not like that it does not meet again. Favorite names are stored and always at hand.
✔️ quick discussion with the family
Any name can be shared by sending via other applications and instant messengers.
✔️ Compatibility name
We just show you how it will look with the name and surname.
✔️ Start to choose a name for your baby before finding out the sex
You can save your favorite names of children - both girls and boys, if ultrasound does not give a precise answer, son, you will have or daughter. And later, you will already be easier to make the right choice.

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