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Family locator / GPS location - Locator 24

Family locator / GPS location - Locator 24

Locations of your children on the map. Powerful GPS locator.
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Family locator / GPS location - Locator 24 Description

The application uses the latest technology so you will be able to see the location based on GPS and cellular network.

With the application, you'll see the locations of family members at this moment.

Just follow three simple steps.

1. After registration, click on the "+" button and choose Add child or Add a parent.

2. Then click "✓" to generate a unique code for a family member.

3. A new family member should download the applications and register using this code.

Thanks to the application, you will also be able to:

- see the history of the location of family members

- receive notifications when someone enters or leaves a designated place (GPS must be enabled)

- designate a route to a selected family member

- send an alert in the event of an emergency

- chatting at no cost

The application will notify you when:

- a family member will enter or leave a designated place

- a family member will lose access to the internet

- a family member will disable access to the location

- a family member will have less than 15% of the battery

- a family member will exceed the designated speed

- you will have unread messages

Remember that access to the location must be enabled so that the phone can use GPS technology.

If the phone is unable to receive a GPS signal, it will use the location based on a cellular network that is less accurate.

Download now and take care of your relatives' safety.

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