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SuperMama: smart baby feeding & sleep tracker

SuperMama: smart baby feeding & sleep tracker

A quick way to log breastfeeding, diaper change, sleep time and health data.
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SuperMama: smart baby feeding & sleep tracker Description

SuperMama app lets you track and keep all information about daily development of your baby. Log pumping, breastfeeding, diaper changing and sleeping data of a newborn to never lose record of it. SuperMama is a personal assistant every new mom was dreaming about.

Our smart app gives you more time to spend with your baby - or to address your own needs - instead of trying to remember everything. Which breast side did I feed from last time? When the diaper was changed? How long had it been since the last nap? SuperMama keeps track of daily activities and habits of your baby. It’s easy and intuitive. Moreover, this data is securely stored and available whenever you need it.

Aside from already mentioned events, you can log info about medicines, baths, allergies or make custom notes. SuperMama is a game changer for new parents. An app which lets you stay organized and focused.

Here is what you can track with SuperMama:
* Breastfeeding: log nursing time, set reminders and remember which side you last breastfed on (this is important to avoid plugged milk and mastitis);
* Breast pumping: track the volume to be sure that there is enough milk pumped;
* Diaper changes: take care of your baby’s delicate skin and keep track of his/her bowel movements;
* Bottle feeding: log the volume of formula, pumped milk, water or juice;
* Baby sleep: track duration, notice the patterns and evaluate the overall quality of sleeping;
* Custom events: choose from existing (activities, health, nurturing) or create your own.

All data is presented in a slick and easily accessible way. There are also easy-to-read graphs which help to see important trends in baby’s development.

SuperMama app benefits mom, baby and dad (yes, he can track child’s activity too!), making those first months of parenting a stress-free experience. Have everything under control with SuperMama!

Share your views and comments via [email protected] and we’ll tweak the app just for you!

Terms of Service: https://supermama.io/terms
Privacy Policy: https://supermama.io/privacy

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