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Joy Walls ツ - 4k Wallpapers App

Joy Walls ツ - 4k Wallpapers App

Joy Walls ツ offers Unique 4K Wallpapers that suits your customization needs
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Christo Paul
Christo Paul
Really Awesome App For Dope Walls.... Developer is A Really Talented Designer And Gives Constant Updates And Support...So, If You're Into Customising Android, You Would Surely Change Your Wallpaper lol....So, This is a Must Have App For Such People And Trust Me...You Won't Regret Your Purchase...It's Worth Every Single Penny You Spend... Personally, I Really Love Vector Styled Minimalistic Wallpapers...!
Posted 3 months ago
Richard Wise
Richard Wise
The name says it all, each wall is well crafted and is sure to usher in a spirit of happiness and joy. There is something to everyone's liking. All in all, beautiful wallpapers from a very kind hearted human being.
Posted 3 months ago
Rashmin Mehta
Rashmin Mehta
Absolutely stunning & beautiful wallpapers. I hope Dev will update walls regularly. I've purchased few Wall Apps but wallpaper quality degrades gradually after app launch. Thanks for beautiful walls.
Posted 3 months ago
Sangam Panda
Sangam Panda
Got exactly what i was waiting for ?? Perfect categories, awesome walls and what not ?? Has awesome quality + quantity walls which feels the wants every other customiser ?? I'm personally using it in Niagara launcher, so yeh its compatible with it too ?? Thanks dev for making such a great wall app ??
Posted 3 months ago

Joy Walls ツ - 4k Wallpapers App Description

Joy Walls ツ gives you a Unique 4K Wallpapers that suits your customization needs!
Get the best out of your phone with beautiful 4k Wallpapers that Makes your Homescreen Look Stunning, Comes in 3 different color variationsso you get to choose the one that suits your liking.

all the Wallpapers are made by keeping our users in mind.
Joy Walls ツ offers you some unique Categories like Setup specific walls, lots of pattern walls, lots of characters illustrations, lots of cute vector Artworks, and much more to choose from and this is just a beginning. we plan to keep on growing more and more by weekly updates, Adding more unique and beautiful wallpapers. while making our sure our users are highly satisfied with what they get out of Joy Walls ツ

Features :

Enjoy a collection that keeps on growing: with over 120+ walls in the beginning we are here to make sure you get the most value out of Joy Walls ツ.

favorites: liking wallpapers a lot? add them in favorites for easier access.

Notifications: Receive Notifications for popular & new wallpapers. You can subscribe or unsubscribe from notifications.

4k Wallpapers: all wallpapers are made at a resolution of 2160x4096

Categories :

Material Design,
Setup Specific
and much more

Updates:Updates will be provided weekly, you'll see new content in the app on every Sunday.

What is coming in upcoming releases?
•New Wallpapers will be regularly added.
•Any suggestions and changes requested by users.
•Better and improved App Dashboard.
•Some New Features are yet to be added.
•this isn't just another wallpaper App. our goals are very different App will receive redesign with some new features to give you most out of our content.

Suggestions are always welcome ❤
We appreciate your feedback ?

Feel free to contact us,
If you have any problems or questions
Join our Telegram Channel: https://t.me/joywalls
Join our Telegram Group for support: https://t.me/joywallsgroup

Follow me on https://twitter.com/Yogesh_gosavi_ for sneak peeks of new wallpapers, news, and anything related to Joy Walls ツ, Need any help or have some suggestions to improve Joy Walls ツ hit me up on twitter or any Social media to get it fulfilled. I would be happy to know you.

❤ Credits :
• All the wallpapers handcrafted by Yogesh Gosavi (YoG)
• Huge Thanks to Sangam Panda, Saumil Shah, Captain Price, Akash Dhuri, Bavith, Jesus Ruiz
Thank you for spending endless hours into helping me ♥ , I am grateful for all honest, brutal, genuine feedback and suggestions I got from you, without you guys Joy Walls would not have been possible. I highly appreciate the amount of time and effort you put into all of this.
Thanks, everyone at esicaGroup ♥ for Showing interest and pushing me to create this app
• Thanks, Jahir Fiquitiva for his Great Frames Dashboard.


All the artworks offered on Joy Walls ツ are for Personal Use only! If you are interested to use our of the artworks for a commercial purpose, please contact me at [email protected]


????? Thank you for all your support! We Highly appreciate your feedback and suggestions and if you like this app, please rate it with a genuine review ?????

Privacy Policy
Please read our privacy policy at https://github.com/yogeshgosavi/JoyWallsDocs/blob/master/privacy_Policy.md

having some issues about your Purchase?

Please email me at [email protected] I would help you resolve your concern as fast as possible.
Allow me to help you provide help and support before you leave a bad rating

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