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Cartoonland Live Wallpaper

Cartoonland Live Wallpaper

Live Wallpaper that is FREE, BEAUTIFUL and FUN for phone and tablet
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Cartoonland Live Wallpaper Description

Live Wallpaper that is FREE, BEAUTIFUL and FUN for your phone and/or tablet where cartoons come to life! 100% FREE Live Wallpaper. And an unbelievable number of settings that you can choose from to tweak Cartoonland Live Wallpaper for your phone and/or tablet to exactly how you like it. Now you'll always look forward to turning on your phone just to watch Cartoonland Live Wallpaper in motion!

Features include:
★ Change the time of day between MORNING, AFTERNOON, SUNSET, and NIGHT. You can choose to either sync it automatically to your clock, or fix the time of day. It is entirely up to you!
★ Toggle between "Black & White" or "Color". "Black & White" gives you a very retro feel that some people will enjoy as it will increase the contrast between the wallpaper and foreground icons.
★ Change the seasons between SUMMER, WINTER and DESERT
★ Beautiful and brightly colored scenary and moving cartoons which bring to life your phone or tablet!
★ 7" Tablet Support!
★ 8" Tablet Support!
★ 10" Tablet Support!
★ Heaps of other settings to tweak the wallpaper to exactly how you like it. Want more trees? More cars? More buildings? Less clouds? EVERY ASPECT CAN BE TWEAKED in the extensive Cartoonland Settings screen

In addition to our first release we are committed to updating Cartoonland with more features in the future. Some of the features in future updates will include:

- More seasons
- More backgrounds
- More cartoon objects
- More variations on current themes
- Taking screenshots
- Widget support
- Weather support

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