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DateCamera2 (Auto timestamp)

DateCamera2 (Auto timestamp)

It is a camera application which can easily put date and place name.
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DateCamera2 (Auto timestamp) Description

It is a camera that allows you to put the shooting date, current location, and simple text in the image.You can select the date type and color. You can also record the current location. It can be used for traveling and business records shooting important scenes, which will be useful for later management.With this "DateCamera2", simple text can be included, and operation has also been reduced in weight!

==Simple text(Text button)==
You can enter a simple single line of text.
You can switch between display and non-display.

==Display of location name(Location button)==
Display the current location.Each time you press the button, you can switch the display.
You can delete the text by long tapping the place name.Permission is required to use location information.If an error occurred, please enable (ON) the location from the setting screen of the smartphone.

==Date type(Style button)==
11 types.

==Date color(Color button)==
You can change the color and transparency you like.

==Text size(Size button)==
You can change the font size in 5 levels.

==Camera button==
Start shooting.

==Grid button==
Switches between grid display and individual display.

==Folder button==
Change the image save destination.

==Open button==
Select the captured image.
Thumbnails are displayed on the screen for the selected image.
By tapping the image, you can display full screen or delete it.

==Share button==
You can post images currently being displayed on other applications such as Twitter.

==Direction to insert date==
2 types.Automatic switching.

==Save image==
Save format(.jpeg)

Important point
Depending on your smartphone, images before processing without date may be saved in duplicate.
Even if you delete it, it is okay because the date-containing image is saved.

==Recommended operating environment==
Android 4.1 or later

== Privacy Policy Overview ==
This application acquires camera functions and positional information.This data shall not be utilized for any purpose aside from the use of this app and to serve advertisements.
For details on the Privacy Policy,please refer to the page below.
You can navigate to the above address from the Privacy Policy link in the developer information.

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