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Angle Camera Try - Camera with Azimuth, Mute, HDR

Angle Camera Try - Camera with Azimuth, Mute, HDR

Embed azimuth, lat, and lng in your photo. Mute shutter sound, HDR is possible.
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Angle Camera Try - Camera with Azimuth, Mute, HDR Description

1. Embed latitude, longitude and azimuth in the photographic image
Even with a normal camera app, latitude and longitude are embedded in the photographic image. In addition, "Angle Camera" embeds the azimuth (shooting direction) in the photographic image. You can also display the tilt angle of your smartphone when shooting. "Angle Camera" can confirm the information with a message after taking a picture.
JPEG images with embedded latitude, longitude, and azimuth can be displayed on a map on a PC.

Please refer to the Youtube video below to see how the "Angle Camera" photos are usefully displayed on the map using a PC app called "pic2map".

By embedding "azimuth = direction" in the photographic image, I think that there are various other uses.

2. Shutter sound can be muted
"Angle Camera" can mute the shutter sound in the settings.
Depending on the device and Android version, the shutter sound may not disappear in Camera1, but if you select Camera2, all the devices currently confirmed can be muted.

3. Supports HDR
"Angle Camera" supports HDR high image quality.

4. Difference between "Angle Camera Try (trial version)" and "Angle Camera"
(1) "Angle Camera Try" is a one-month free trial version application. "Angle Camera" is a paid application.
(2) Both "Angle Camera Try" / "Angle Camera" have no ads.

* "Angle Camera Try" will not be charged without notice to the customer.

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