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Art Word: add text to photo / write on picture

Art Word: add text to photo / write on picture

Text photo editor and image quote maker with lots of stylish typography fonts
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Art Word: add text to photo / write on picture Description

Writing text on photo is a new trend and now it’s easier than ever to do it with our app!

Art Word is the text photo best app that helps designers and artistic people easily add text, quotes, captions and stickers to photos and transform their pictures into digital art!

Add beautiful text layers and captions to your photos. With hundreds of unique fonts and colors, you can turn your photos into real artworks!

You just need to enter what you need to write or paste your text in the photo. You can browse through many different colors and fonts for pictures and decorate your own photos with our collection of stamps, photo effects, and text fonts.

Be creative and inspire others with your unique ideas! Write some inspirational text on photos, create great quotes, funny memes, motivational pictures, cool poster, typography designs, greetings, and birthday cards or add your own text watermark on top of your photo.

Easy to use app with an intuitive interface. Just select a typography and type a meaningful or funny text with a font of your choosing on preferred background. You can use your camera to make new pictures or use existing pics from the gallery or wallpapers included in the app.

Share your own thoughts or words with picture.
Art Word can also be used as a quote maker so that you can share on social media your own thoughts or words with picture along with an emotional photo.

Choose colors, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, blur and use other desired photo effects and filters. Improve your picture with stamps selected by our designers: ribbons, banners, photo decorations and various frames.

Enjoy a vast collection of different artworks and carefully handpicked font styles.

Use a variety of customization options and add text to photos for exceptional results.
Just choose a background, type in your words and your creative typography is ready!
By just a few taps, you instantly get your text beautifully laid out on a background of your choice.

* Text Layers
Add and style an unlimited number of text layers. Simply double tap on the screen to create a new text layer and use your finger to position it on the photo.

* Fantastic Fonts and Text Arts
Hundreds of unique fonts that will make your artworks stand out. They are all for free! Adjust the size, color, pattern, rotation, position, spacing, and alignment to perfect your design.

* Gorgeous Colors and Patterns
Choose from the beautiful colors and patterns to use on your Texts and Artworks. Simply swipe the color picker to choose your style and tone from the color palette. Bring life to your photos and make your creations unique.

Share your creation with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or save in the gallery.

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