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Speedo-Meter (GPS based)

Speedo-Meter (GPS based)

Determine speed of vehicle in your phone while travelling using GPS.
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Speedo-Meter (GPS based) Description

**Important note in context of GPS: This application is meant for outdoor use only. It might not work or display you wrong readings if used indoor as it needs GPS satellites to be visible without having any concrete based obstacle in between.

Hello dear users. If you are seeking for a solution to determine the speed of vehicle in which you moving then this application is for you. This application is a handy way to determine the speed of the moving vehicle right there in your phone. Follow instructions below to use this application.

i. Install this application in your phone and allow this application to access GPS (location).
ii. Make sure that GPS (location) of your phone should be ON.
iii. Sit relax in moving vehicle and this application will tell the speed in Km/h and miles/h scale.


i. Distance tracking in Km and Miles.
ii. Displays maximum speed reached.
iii. Displays speed type i.e.: Low, moderate, high and very high.

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