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Internet of Things - iGadget

Internet of Things - iGadget

Monitor or control your things over Internet
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Internet of Things - iGadget Description

Get Arduino & Raspberry Pi program:

***Note: After buying this application extra charges will never be demand from user. IoT services given by this application will be always absolutely free. Sign up and usage of server is free and unlimited without any restriction of server.

Introduction: This application is one of the best IoT solution to monitor or control the things from anywhere around the world in least possible time (within 2 seconds or less, depending on the speed of your internet connection) and offers unlimited usage without any server restrictions.

***Note: If you are going to use Arduino then you have to use ESP8266 Wi-Fi module for internet connectivity.

Why only this application?
1. Free membership/sign up for lifetime.
2. No server restrictions. (as thingspeak.com restricts the user under free account for 15 seconds delay between two requests)
3. No payments after downloading this app.

Excited to know how it works? Here we go:

1. Download and install this application.
2. Register for free on our server.
3. After registration, grab an Arduino or Raspberry Pi and get quick-start source code from link given above.
4. Burn this code onto your micro-controller.
5. Sign into the application's control panel using your registered email ID and password.
6. Now you can type and send your command to your micro-controller over the internet to control something or you can now receive the data of thing that is remotely being monitored by your micro-controller using some sensor.

Browser link to read command sent from application to micro-controller:


Browser link to send data or confirmation from micro-controller to application:


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