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TwinCAT IoT Communicator

TwinCAT IoT Communicator

Monitoring and analysing of TwinCAT process data on mobile devices
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TwinCAT IoT Communicator Description

The TC3 IoT Communicator ("TF6730") makes it possible to easily transmit process data to multiple end devices, monitor status changes, and send information back to the machine.

The TC3 IoT Communicator connects the TwinCAT controller to a messaging service, making it easy to set it up within the TwinCAT engineering environment to send and receive push messages between the PLC and mobile operating systems. Since TwinCAT registers each end device with a unique ID, messages can be transmitted to specific people and/or controllers.

Since the TC3 IoT Communicator is based on the publish-subscribe pattern, it does not require any special firewall settings but can be easily integrated into an existing IT network.

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