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Google Admin

Google Admin

Manage users, reset passwords, manage group membership and manage devices
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Google Admin Description

Google Admin lets you manage your Google Cloud account on-the-go. Add and manage users and groups, contact support, and view audit logs for your organization.

FOR WHOM? - This app is only for administrators of Google Cloud products, including G Suite Basic, G Suite Business, Education, Government, Google Coordinate, and Chromebooks.

It provides the following features:
• User Management Features - Add/Edit user, Suspend user, Restore user, Delete user, Reset password
• Group Management Features - Add/Edit Group, Add members, Delete group, View group members
• Mobile Device Management - Manage Android and iOS devices for your domain
• Audit Logs - Review Audit logs
• Notifications - Read and Delete notifications

Permissions Notice
Contacts: Needed to create a User from your phone contacts.
Phone: Needed to call a User directly from the Application.
Storage: Needed to update User's photo via Gallery.
Accounts: Needed to display the list of accounts on the device.

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