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Mapit Spatial - GIS Data Collector & Measurements

Mapit Spatial - GIS Data Collector & Measurements

Measure distance and area using map or GPS - share your results the easy way…
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Mapit Spatial - GIS Data Collector & Measurements Description

This application is our flag product and more sophisticated version of our older apps called Mappad and Mapit GIS with new functionalities and completely redesigned data management approach.
Use Mapit Spatial to record spatial data, calculate areas, perimeters and distances. Organise your workflow utilising geopackages and layers and save, export or share your measurements.

The app is designed to be simple and light, driven by new OGC file format for storing spatial data called geopackage.

Use Mapit Spatial to calculate areas, perimeters and distances - save, export and share your measurements.

The PDF user guide is available on our website - https://spatial.mapitgis.com/user-guide

Directly from the app you can access existing multiple geopackages data sources and their content presented as tiled or feature layers.

You can also create new geopackage databases and feature layers and link their fields with the attribute set fields, so the data can be then collected using forms containing drop-down lists, multi-select list, barcode scanner etc. Please see our website for more details.

The collected data can be accessed immediately by simply copying the whole geopackage file to the PC and linking to it from GIS Software like qGIS.

The application is supporting multiple coordinates projections and you can specify your default coordinate system by providing the EPSG code in the settings - PRJ4 library is used to convert coordinates.

The application is capable to link with high precision GNSS systems - so you can get down to centimetre accuracy if required.

With Mapit Spatial you can capture, manage and share your data easily. Supported export formats: SHP File, GeoJSON, ArcJSON, KML, GPX, CSV and AutoCAD DXF.

Mapit Spatial can be used in number of applications including:

- environmental surveys,
- woodland surveys,
- forestry planning and woodland management surveys,
- agriculture and soils' types surveys,
- road constructions,
- land surveying,
- solar panels applications,
- roofing and fencing,
- tree surveys,
- GPS and GNSS surveying,
- site surveying and soil samples gathering
- snow removal

The GIS Software and spatial data gathering and processing is getting more and
more popular these days all over the world and the ability having quick, fast
and reliable workflow is becoming very important. Mapit Pro has become a day
to day tool for thousands of people across the world and we are hoping that
Mapit Spatial is going to improve and make your workflow even more efficient
and cost-effective solution.

We would like to address our application to everyone who is working with
spatial data and is responsible for any kind of location related tasks. There is
number of science and business-related areas relying or depending on the
accurate information coming from Geographic Information Systems and we do
hope Mapit Spatial is going to become your day to day tool when you are
making things right out there in the field.

Particularly the app is dedicated to people who are working in agriculture,
forestry, housing development or land survey industry, but also to customers
responsible for design work in power industry, water supply and sewage
systems, gas industry, telecommunication and road engineering. Mapit Spatial
can be also adopted for any kind of spatial asset management tasks, fishery and
hunting, habitat and soil mapping or to whatever needs you can think off, but of
which the authors of the application have never thought.

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