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Turn your spreadsheet into an App
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Turn your spreadsheet into an App

www.openasapp.com makes app creation easy: You can instantly turn existing spreadsheets into professional apps.

• Calculations, lists, maps/POI, dashboards, forms
• No programming skills required
• Professional app design
• Professional functionality, e.g. search, filter, sort, group, charts
• Online/offline available
• Data input within the app (Cloud connection)

Start now and create your first app! Take an existing file, e.g. an address list or an offer calculation, and turn it into a user-friendly app for your clients, co-workers and partners.

This is how it works: (1) Open the App Creator on www.openasapp.com. (2) Upload spreadsheet, query file or csv file. (3) Choose your app type: e.g. calculations (with chart), list (with map), form or dashboard. (4) Edit design and structure of your app. (5) Create your app. The spreadsheet in the background remains connected as data source.

You will receive a link to your app via email after registering your email/password. Spreadsheet and app will be synchronized and are always up to date. On www.openasapp.com you can share your apps within closed user groups or publicly and you can manage your apps/user groups.

Get more information on www.openasapp.com

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