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Flow Fit: Sudoku

Flow Fit: Sudoku

Sudoku meets Jigsaw in this addictive evolution of the classic number puzzle!
141,773 Installs

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Cookie Kretchmer
Cookie Kretchmer
I love doing sudoku and this puts a twist on it. The reason I'm giving you 3 stars right now is because ever since the latest update (I have android), my game will crash over and over and exit me out. It's random, sometimes it hardly does it one day, then later it'll do it constantly and I can hardly finish a puzzle. It's saving my progress but it makes it hard to get one puzzle done and it's annoying. I've restarted my phone and uninstalled and reinstalled the app but it didn't fix anything.
Posted 9 months ago
Greg Curtin
Greg Curtin
For the last two updates the daily has been freezing up for me. I am having to close and reboot the app two or three times each day. Also, it would be nice if you could make the box larger and place it in the top half of the screen.
Posted 8 months ago
Great game and I love the different ways of playing it but I wish there was an undo button. When I'm playing it perfect and the wrong price goes into the wrong hole by accident I have to start the puzzles all over again to get the perfect star. So annoying
Posted 8 months ago
Steven Young
Steven Young
It's unreal how much mileage I've gotten from this game. It's so good, especially if you like Sudoku, logic games, and visual-spatial puzzles.
Posted 8 months ago

Flow Fit: Sudoku Description

★ Sudoku meets Jigsaw in this addictive evolution of everybody’s favorite number puzzle! ★

From the makers of Flow Free, the hit puzzle game with over 300 million downloads comes Flow Fit: Sudoku!

A unique twist on Sudoku
Flow Fit: Sudoku is a whole new way to play! Part Sudoku, part Jigsaw, these shaped boards, colorful pieces, and challenging logic puzzles are guaranteed to get those cogs turning.

Over 2000 unique puzzles & Daily Puzzles
Keep your brain young with daily puzzles that never get old. Carefully crafted, high-quality puzzles delivered to you every day, each Sudoku puzzle offers a brand new challenge to wrap your head around. Earn a streak and watch the days pile up. Can you earn a year-long streak?

Go easy or go extreme— you decide!
Looking for an easy-breezy brain teaser or an uncrackable enigma? With difficulties ranging from easy to extreme, there’s a puzzle to suit everyone.

Mix it up with puzzle bundles
Whether you’re looking to hone your Sudoku strategy with Regions or take a walk on the wild side with Wildcards, there’s always a new bundle to explore.

Flow Fit: Sudoku – Features

★ Over 2000 unique puzzles with difficulties from easy to extreme
★ Daily Puzzles! Play every day to earn a streak
★ Mistake marking to help improve your strategy & stay on the right track
★ Track your Perfects! Challenge yourself to play mistake-free.
★ Earn achievements for pack completions and daily streaks
★ Sync your progress to the cloud
★ Beautiful calming music and atmosphere
★ Get more hints and levels by watching rewarded videos
★ Unique shaped boards and Tetris-style puzzle pieces

Experience the newest evolution of Sudoku!
Download Flow Fit: Sudoku today!

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