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Buy fish & seafood, meat online - Aajfresh.in

Buy fish & seafood, meat online - Aajfresh.in

Buy Fresh Fish & Seafood, Antibiotic free Chicken, Mutton- Aajfresh.in
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Buy fish & seafood, meat online - Aajfresh.in Description

Buy Fresh Fish, Antibiotic free Chicken, Mutton, Aaj fresh

Making your favourite non-veg meals has never been easier. With AajFresh’s farm-bred, high-quality fresh meat and seafood delivered straight to your doorstep, you can cook up new magic in the kitchen everyday.

Select from a variety of meats and cuts to find the one that tingles your taste buds and have it delivered to your home on the same day, within two hours. Be it a juicy chicken breast to serve as the star of your steak dinner, or a rich mutton mince to go with your chapati, or indulgent lamb liver for a weekend meal - you can find it all on the AajFresh app… and much more.

On the current version of the apps, you can get your hands on the choicest of high quality meats, cut and packaged in sterile and hygienic meat labs to ensure your safety and health.

Have your pick from our “meaty” range of products:

Available in curry cut, biryani cuts, chicken mince, tender chicken breast, chicken lollipop and drumsticks, as well as whole leg and whole chicken.

Choose from our range of curry cut (without fat), biryani cut, soup bones, ribs and chops, and liver. You can also find lamb fat to add a rich and flavourful base to your favourite lamb delicacies.

Find juicy and tender goat meat packed with rich mutton flavours and nutrients in a variety of curry cuts, biryani cuts, mince, and trotters.

Fish & Seafood
Select from our range of fresh range of seafood, including popular fish varieties such as Roopchand, Malabar Para, Tuna, Sardine, and Rohu.

Every order packed using vacuum packaging to ensure that your order remains fresher for longer. Your safety comes first, and so, all our delivery and non-delivery staff follow strict guidelines to maintain optimum hygiene from our labs to your home.

App features include:

- A catalogue of fresh cut meat and seafood varieties.
- Prompt, 2-hour delivery & scheduled delivery
- Secure payment module.

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