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Planet Zoo-New World

Planet Zoo-New World

Planet zoo new world Android is a leisure mobile game.
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Planet Zoo-New World Description

Planet zoo new world Android is a leisure mobile game.
Planet zoo new world Android is a very classic simulation mobile game. Players need to operate your zoo in the game. Interested friends, please download planet zoo new world Android game and try it!
Planet zoo new world Android game introduction:
Start with a small zoo and expand it into a large one. Build animal pens for beasts, dinosaurs, herbivores, birds and birds, so that customers can enjoy more magical animals!
Features of planet zoo new world Android game:
Start your own business to earn money, collect animals to build animal kingdom, and quickly become the strongest zoo tycoon in the world!
Expand the scale of the parking lot, attract more tourists by upgrading the advertising, with more vehicles, more tourists and more funds!
Ticket office is one of the important revenue ways of the zoo. It makes the first money by selling tickets, opens more ticket offices, upgrades the speed of ticket selling, and greatly improves the work efficiency. It is very popular!
Highlights of planet zoo new world Android game:
1. Rich strategy, exquisite and simple low poly style
2. Over 100 kinds of magic animals with different characteristics
3. The hand speed of players is very tested in the game, so as to maximize their own benefits;
4. More magical animals and wonderful facilities one by one, come to experience this magical game
Gameplay for planet zoo new world Android:
1. Use these animals to attract a large number of tourists to watch and earn their ticket money;
2. Different playing methods have different challenges of joy. Do you want to have magical animals? Do you want to have huge wealth;
3. In this game, you can have all these things. The simplest click can make you the best zoo leader.
Planet zoo new world Android game Description:
1. Become the most powerful global tycoon in an instant. You can get more tourists by clicking;
2. Or you can attract tourists to make your amusement park extremely popular through the advertisements you send;
3. More magical animals, one after another, are wonderful facilities. Come and experience this magical game.
4. As long as you click to upgrade your facilities and earn more money, you can let more magical animals live in your zoo;
5. This is the simplest simulation management game that can be offline at any time, and then log in to get massive rewards.

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