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My Collaborate

My Collaborate

Live communicate with your coworkers from all over the world
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My Collaborate Description

My Collaborate is an innovative and intelligent company that provides a unique SaaS communication platform on the market to enable businesses, schools and individuals to improve their productivity.

My Collaborate provides its users with a variety of powerful communications tools to exchange in real time with 2 or in groups and stay informed of personal and global impact news.

My Collaborate offers innovative product lines based on the advanced advanced software solutions of Unified Communications and Social Networks (Cloud, Voice, Video, Data, WebRTC, mobile applications, fixed-mobile convergence, etc.).

My Collaborate offers scalable B2C and B2B solutions for Unified Communications and Social Networks available in SaaS Cloud mode with 24/7 support.

My Collaborate is part of the Cirpack Group and is located in France, Germany, Mexico and Vietnam. My Collaborate operates through a global network of professional partners.

My Collaborate is the ideal partner, offering agility and responsiveness, to support its users in their development strategies.

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