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Movez AI

Movez AI

by Movez in Sports
Grab a real ball and start playing! A Real-ball-in-a-virtual-world game
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Movez AI Description

Uncover your records - MOVEZ lets you know how you are doing. Enough arguing with friends about who has the best MOVEZ. Now the proof is in the numbers!

Share videos of your best MOVEZ – Capture your best ball-playing moments and share your top ones with your friends. Don’t forget to watch the brilliant MOVEZ moments they share with you in return...

Choose from super fun mini-games – Dribble, Target Collection, Brick Builder or... just name it...We’ve designed super-cool mini-game challenges for you to choose from. Which are your favorites?

Explore MOVEZ mini-games and progress through its levels:
Dribble - How many times can you dribble the ball in limited time? MOVEZ will do the counting for you. And… Gooooo!
Collect targets with your ball - Chasing screen cubes with a real-life ball is difficult, are you up for the challenge?
Brick Builder - try to build a few floors with different material, all by kicking a real ball

Bits and bytes:

❄ MOVEZ is using a unique AR technology
❄ The game requires players to use their phone camera
❄ MOVEZ does not drain your battery – Unlike others, we really mean it

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