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Beautiful Capoeira

Beautiful Capoeira

Interactive Library of Capoeira elements and training guide/helper
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Beautiful Capoeira Description

Capoeira is Beautiful! Its a martial art, its also a game, its also a dance, its music, rhythm … and a way of moving through Life and interacting with people. Capoeira became a huge part of my Life! I really made this app for me. I made it to help me learn movements and floreios … and it helped me tremendously. In order to make this app I've traveled the world and got connected with teachers I really wanted to learn form. I think you'll like this app and I am sure it will help you improve as well. Axe :)

This app will teach you Capoeira floreios, movements, escapes, kicks, combos, and injury prevention exercises by presenting them as high-resolution frame by frame animations.

- large library of Capoeira movements, escapes, kicks, stretches, floreios
- control animation for every move: "flip it" and learn it the other direction, pause, continue playing, go back / forward
- add moves to "favorites" (for quick access)

capoeira, flips, kicks, break dance, dance, stretches, bboy, breakdancing, martial, xuxo, gymnastics

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