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Mestre Xuxo's Capoeira

Mestre Xuxo's Capoeira

Signature movements, tricks and techniques presented by Mestre Xuxo
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Mestre Xuxo's Capoeira Description

"Capoeira is more then just a dance and a martial art. Capoeira is philosophy of life. Enjoy yourself." - Mestre Xuxo (Wilian da Silva Sampaio)

Mestre Xuxo shows ways he trained his own style and lots of capoeira movements. You'll see his signature moves and tricks in HD animations, which you can control frame-by-frame.

- Animations optimized for HD displays
- Frame-by-frame animation control
- Flip animations to see the movements for left-haded or right-handed person
- Mestre Xuxo's exclusive movements and tricks

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