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Mestre Xuxo's Hand Drum Lessons

Mestre Xuxo's Hand Drum Lessons

Step-by-step lessons to become a great drummer to play Atabaque, Congo & Djembe
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Mestre Xuxo's Hand Drum Lessons Description

Mestre Xuxo is one of the world's most famous Capoeirista. He is a part of capoeira dynasty (his father is Mestre Sampaio). Mestre Xuxo is also a great drummer and Batucado organizer with hundreds of students around the world. Join them remotely with this App, where Mestre Xuxo teaches all about hand drums (Atabaque, Congo, Djembe and others), techniques and capoeira rhythms.

- learn the drum techniques step-by-step - starting from the proper sitting position to finger sliding and elbow techniques!
- lots of lessons of Rhythms, Variations and drumming techniques
- HD videos and graphics
- follow the lessons on your TV with AirPlay
- no internet connection needed

Axé :)

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