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Don Balón | Diario deportivo de fútbol y deporte

Don Balón | Diario deportivo de fútbol y deporte

The app allows you to be aware of the latest news in the world of football.
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Don Balón | Diario deportivo de fútbol y deporte Description

The digital version of this well-known and acclaimed sports magazine allows you to be aware of the latest news and news in the world of football.
(This free app will make you the latest in) rumors, latest signings, curiosities, analysis, aspects that have not been seen of a particular event ... currently offers a wide range of content related to the world of football and the news more leading and burning of the moment.
Not only is it a rich source of information, but it uncovers everything that has gone unnoticed by the main sporting issues that are most rabidly topical. In addition, it has other informative sports spaces of special relevance in the world.
On the one hand a section of MotoGP, with the most relevant and contrasted information about the World Championship of Motorcycling. Comments from the champion drivers, rumors and leaks of their future, celebrations of the race ... all the relevant information about the top category of the motorcycle competition.
It also has a Formula 1 section to address all the informative content related to the 4 wheels. Not only during the celebration of the different Grand Prix, but also the pre and post racing season. Find out before anyone else of all the news.
On the other hand also devotes a section to Argentine footballers who call on European teams. Coaches and players embarked on the western continent and information about their present and their future.
In this sense, there will also be a section of Argentine women's football and another section of the Superliga Cup. You will be able to find everything you are looking for in the digital edition of Don Balón.
Finally, in the section of Don Ball Rosa, you will have everything that is unavoidable not to know. The most personal side of your favorite players, their surroundings, anecdotes, rumors, humor and curiosities of what surrounds the great stars of football.
As you can see, the sports newspaper Don Balón keeps all the good that made it famous in its paper edition and adds all the immediacy that brings the online world of the Internet.
A new digital edition to satisfy of information at the moment and instantly of everything related to certain sporting aspects and, of course, football.

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