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Head Ball 2

Head Ball 2

⚽️ Challenging 1vs1 online matches! Strike, score, and be a soccer champion!?
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puru tyagi
puru tyagi
This is an unnecessarily complicated game. Premise of the game is simple. Hit the ball with the sprite provided and score, but sooo many buttons are required to be pressed before entering the game that it's mind boggling. After every game, every day, you receive so may boosts which you really don't understand as a beginner (and don't really care about). The game is fun, but it's stupidly complicated. If I had wanted that much complexity I would have downloaded a 2 gb game.
Posted 1 year ago
Qaiser Bangash
Qaiser Bangash
This game is good. But had a lot of downsides that make it suck so much and are frustrating. First of all there are so many glitches. Some people can glitch through you and sometimed if the ball doesnt even go in your net. It gives the other opponent a point. How? Also you really need to add skill based match-making. Most times I got to fight against a pro when I was level 1. This happened to me many times abd im getting sick of it. After every match there is an ad . Fix these please.
Posted 1 year ago
Roberto Ramirez, Sr.
Roberto Ramirez, Sr.
You're going to pay and then have to still watch ads, and don't get me started on the lag time!!!! I paid for the option to NOT watch ads, but unless you want the full bonus money, fans, or points then you're going to watch 1 minute to 30-second adds. It's also impossible to play with the available players so you try and upgrade to a better player and you pay, but if you want to upgrade your player it's near impossible. Then there's the lag time, the lag time comes and goes but it's lately hasn't stopped at all, it's on a continuous roll, the ball sometimes goes through my player when I'm trying to defend. What's the point of a common player card pack??? I have over 50 players and only want to upgrade one or two but the other 50 players that I don't use get upgraded with common card packs.
Posted 1 year ago
Tristan Williams
Tristan Williams
It's a pay to win fanfare and I hate that. Literally now matter how skillful I am (and I am very good at this game) pay to win characters with their ridiculous skill sets always win with next to no effort. It's ridiculous. Unless you're going to sink money into this game, don't play it. Pay to win doesn't have anything to do with skill - it only matters how much money you sink into. A lot of potential to be a good game but the heavy reliance on pay to win ruins any playability.
Posted 1 year ago

Head Ball 2 Description

Chosen as the ‘most competitive game of 2018’, Head Ball 2 is a fun and thrilling soccer game. Take place in 1v1 online soccer matches against real opponents from all around the world.

Join millions of soccer players to prove yourself to the online soccer community and your friends.

Play 90-seconds of action-packed soccer matches, whoever scores more goals, wins!

Experience thrilling moments with the voice of the legendary commentator, John Motson.

Stand out from the crowd!

-Progress your character!
-Pick the best character out of 96 unique upgradeable characters.
-Unlock new accessories to improve your soccer hero.
-Create your dream soccer player.
-Unlock different stadiums and gain fans to support you. The more the merrier!
-Become the ultimate soccer hero and show who’s got more style and skill!

Upgrade Your Character

Upgrade your character to unlock your full potential. Progress through the career mode to unlock unique bonuses, accessories, and even heroes. As you progress, the rewards will get better but so will the challenge. Are you up to it?

Rumble Through Competitive Soccer Leagues!

Compete in 5 different soccer leagues and do your best to make it to the very top of the ladder.

Fight your way through real opponents and challenging soccer matches. You can’t know who will be the winner before the match is over.

Unique Gameplay

Soccer is all about kicking the ball and scoring goals, right? Experience soccer in a way you have never experienced before.

Kick, strike and score using your hero. Use your feet, head, and superpowers to score goals. Head Ball 2 offers simplistic gameplay that can be quickly transformed into action-packed and exciting games.

Hit the ball, hit your opponent, use headers, superpowers or out-wit your opponent by juking them. Everything is permitted, as long as you win!

No match will be the same as the previous in the most exciting soccer game!

Get Social

Join a soccer team or create your own team. Represent your team and face-off different teams to show which soccer team is superior. Contribute to your teams’ overall progress.

Connect with your friends via Facebook and challenge them to show who is the better soccer player.


-Play soccer against real opponents from all across the world in real time!
-Dynamic and exciting gameplay with dashy graphics.
-96 unique characters to unlock.
-5 unique competitive soccer leagues.
-Hundreds of accessories to improve your soccer hero!
-Plan out your strategy on the field with 18 upgradable powers.
-Card packs that contain characters and items.
-Facebook connection to play with your friends!
-Gain supporters to unlock new stadiums.

Download Head Ball 2 to experience the thrill of challenging soccer matches against millions of players across the world!


Head Ball 2 is a free to play game. However, there are some in-game items that can be purchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings if you don’t want this feature.

A network connection is required to play.

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