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新三國 漢室復興

新三國 漢室復興

"New Three Kingdoms Han Dynasty Revival" is a real-time battle SLG sandbox mobile game based on the orthodox three kingdoms. Orthodox Three Kingdoms world.
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新三國 漢室復興 Description

"New Three Kingdoms Han Dynasty Renaissance" is an instant battle SLG sandbox mobile game with the background of the orthodox Three Kingdoms. The game combines national warfare, team warfare, military commander development, city construction, camp confrontation, simulation management and other gameplay. Orthodox Three Kingdoms World.
Players can choose to cast cities, raise people and train troops in the game, recruit famous heroes from the Three Kingdoms, lead troops to fight the Quartet, and play against princes from all directions. Build your own immortal merit in the chaos of the late Han Dynasty!

-- game introduction--

[Sandbox World can hide millions of soldiers]
In the world of Han Dynasty Renaissance in the New Three Kingdoms, the protagonist can play against 10,000 players in real time on a large map of more than 1 million squares. Mountains, mountains, rivers, lakes, and dangerous historical cities are all in it. The protagonist can conduct diplomatic tactics such as long-distance close attack, combined vertical and horizontal, etc. according to the topographical factors, the number of cities, the comprehensive strength, and the characteristics of a seamless large map. Experience the real power struggle in the three worlds.
[One person, one city, shepherding]
The city in the game is divided into two by a road leading from the city gate to the main hall. The main hall is a place to handle all kinds of things. The city wall can be stationed by soldiers to guard the city. The west city is the barracks, the school martial arts field, the wounded camp, the parade, the equipment The military and other military buildings gather, Dongcheng is the location of resources and economic buildings such as mint, weaponry, winery, etc. The urban planning refers to the layout of the capital city of Chang’an and Luoyang in the north and south symmetrical from the north to the south, and the architectural style perfectly restores the style of the Han Dynasty. .

【Guangna Talents and Cultivation of Famous Generals】
In the "New Han Dynasty Renaissance of the Three Kingdoms", there are a total of 350 generals of various literary ranks. They can not only serve as generals to lead the military to follow the protagonist to kill enemies on the battlefield, but also participate in the internal management of the city and build the city's territories. The general has three attributes: martial, unified, and intellectual. The attribute talents are set according to the historical background ability of the characters to restore the true characters of the Three Kingdoms.

【Brief of arms to restore the real battlefield】
The arms in the game are divided into four categories: spearmen, archers, cavalry, and equipment. At the same time, the army will advance to various elite arms according to the generals ’advancement. The final advancement is [Flying Bear Army], [Euphorians] , [Wang Dangfei] and other famous troops during the Three Kingdoms period. There is a cycle of combat among different arms, and guns, knights, bows, and guns should be arranged according to the composition of the enemy's army and your own army during the battle. Depending on the arms, you can win even less.

【Official Information】
The official fan group of "The New Three Kingdoms Han Dynasty Renaissance": https://www.facebook.com/3KD.MFG/
The official website of the New Three Kingdoms Han Dynasty Renaissance: https://3kd.gamemorefun.net/

--Please note--
This game requires internet connection
This game is free to use, and there are also paid services for buying virtual game currency and items
Please pay attention to the game time, do not indulge in games

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