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INVASION: صقور العرب‎

INVASION: صقور العرب‎

It is a game of war and modern Arab strategy designed specifically for gamers and Arab warriors
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INVASION: صقور العرب‎ Description

Happy Ramadan, and Happy New Year, health and safety of our warrior leaders!

Join the hawk world now and share bloods and sacrifices, make tanks and planes, use the most dangerous nuclear weapons and dominate a world exhausted by wars and bombings!

【how do you play】

◆ Recruit your ghosts and assert your dominance with bombs and explosives
◆ Build your base to become a bulwark in front of the servers
ّن Make up your army of officers, tanks and armored vehicles
◆ Alliance and fought in intercontinental nuclear wars
◆ Conquer the government and strike the nuclear attackers
◆ Destroy the aggressors by using the most dangerous and smartest tactics
◆ Attack player bases and arrest their commanders
◆ Rally your allies to launch overwhelming attacks against your enemies
◆ Enjoy the company of professional men and women players
◆ Be proud of your base with 3D dimensions and shapes as you like

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