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Tân Vương Tam Quốc

Tân Vương Tam Quốc

New Kingdom of Three Kingdoms, blockbuster successor cult a while!
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Tân Vương Tam Quốc Description

New Kingdom of Three Kingdoms - a new version of the game unique harmony between the genre of role-playing and general cards.
Three Kingdoms Three Kingdoms apply defensive play with a team of 8 generals to prevent turns of thousands of opponents. The selection of battle team will increase the level of hacking players' brains to many. With the role-playing game genre like New King of the Three Kingdoms, players are completely active in the strength of the team through the completion of quests, collecting mascots, increasing star generals ...
Tan Vuong Tam Quoc is significantly improved at the scale of both PVE and PVP battles, transferring flexibly and attracting eyes. In addition, the game also updates the cool general card system with eye-catching 3D graphics.

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