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QField for QGIS

QField for QGIS

Mobile GIS tool to use QGIS projects in the field and get your work done quickly
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QField for QGIS Description

QField focuses on efficiently getting GIS fieldwork done.
The mobile GIS app from OPENGIS.ch combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to get data from the field to the office in a comfortable and easy way.

QField is built on top of the professional QGIS open source project, allowing users to setup maps and forms in QGIS on their workstation, and deploy those in the field through QField. Leveraging QGIS' data providers - OGR, GDAL, PostGIS, and more - QField supports a wide variety of vector and raster formats.

Datasets can be locally stored or accessed remotely and synchronized with WiFi, USB cable or mobile network.

OPENGIS.ch is happy to help you with the implementation of missing features. Contact us at http://www.opengis.ch/contact/

For bug reports please file an issue at https://qfield.org/issues

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