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Share Karo India

Share Karo India

Share karo India is the quick and easy file transfer app without internet
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Transfers file at a superfast speed
Posted 3 months ago

Share Karo India Description

Share karo India (शेयर करो इंडिया) is the quick and easy file transfer app without internet in the market. This made in India app is the best alternative to SHAREit & Xender.
Share Karo India is India's own app with a lightning fast file transfer speed without using your internet data.
Now Share your favourite videos, music, photos, mobile apps through Share Karo India. Receive files in any format be it contacts, apps, images, videos, music, documents, etc. easily
Why Share Karo India is the best alternative to SHARE it & Xender?
★ Best alternative to SHAREit and Jio Switch ( SHAREit के लिए सबसे अच्छा विकल्प )
★ No Mobile Data Usage ( डेटा का कोई उपयोग नहीं )
★ Lightning transfer speed upto 20Mb/s ( ट्रांसफर स्पीड 20Mb/s तक )
★ Share large files instantly ( बड़े फाइल ट्रांसफर भी तेज़ी से )
★ Receive files in any format ( किसी भी फॉर्मेट की फाइल रिसीव करें )
★ Use app Without any Ads ( बिना किसी विज्ञापन )
With this Indian made app you can send and receive files ( Secure file transfer) as big as you want be it movies, videos etc with 200 times faster speed than bluetooth transfer without any interruption and loss in file transfer speed. Use the app without any wifi connection and if needed Resume and Pause your downloading files whenever you like. Connectivity with QR Code is easy and instant, just choose the files you want to share and send.
Share Karo India asks for some permissions but only that which is relevant to our functionality like it needs location to help discover nearby users to send and receive files.
Download kre bhartiya app SHARE KARO INDIA and keep motivating us by sharing this app with your fellow Indians.
For support contact at [email protected]

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