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Salerno Luci d'artista 2016

Salerno Luci d'artista 2016

The first APP dedicated to Luci d'artista since 2012! With Geolocation etc ...
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Salerno Luci d'artista 2016 Description

# # # The first real APP dedicated to Luci d'artista since 2012, the only one with Geolocation, descriptions and much more. Discover our FACEBOOK APP, the iPhone version and the cute animated wallpaper for android. With over 2 MILLION downloads assets over their apps, ABMdesign continues to celebrate the beauty of the artistic lights of Salerno. After the first version of the app released on lighting artist now than 2 years ago and downloaded by tens of thousands of users for both android and iOS for the recent Facebook APP, here we are again ready with yet another update. # # #

For those who love Salerno, the Christmas lights are yet another reflection of its incomparable beauty.
Land of sun and culture, sea and true flavors, traditions and strong characters ... the beautiful city 'of Salerno can' fascinate anyone in seconds.

"Give a flower to your soul: Come to Salerno ... the day of love, you will dream of the night."

The sole purpose of this APP and 'celebrate the beauty of Salerno during the Christmas period, with its lighting artist and the many events scheduled.

We rifrasare a famous saying ... "Say it with a APP." An original way though now more 'prevalent than you might think, to share information.

We will be happy to receive your photos to the lights of Salerno! We will publish them in the various updates of APP. Send them to [email protected]

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