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Administrator tools for BLOOM mobility sharing system operators.
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BLOOM Admin Description

Administrator tools for BLOOM share operators.

Want to create your own bike share program?

BLOOM is a unified mobility sharing platform. Recognizing complex, organic mobility programs require solutions designed to grow alongside them, BLOOM is an open sharing ecosystem where a seed of an idea can grow into a robust mobility network.

BLOOM is a platform for sharing diplomacy -- software that mixes open hardware, bikes and mobility infrastructure. Bikes, electric vehicles, scooters, lockers, and more can blend together seamlessly, creating a cohesive system from disparate technologies -- all with an eye toward how a user envisions it. BLOOM offers a user first approach and best in class experience.

BLOOM is designed to integrate with existing systems and to be flexible to accommodate growth. For organic and evolving transit environments where custom, flexible solutions are integral to growth, BLOOM makes mobility flourish.
To learn more, visit http://www.bloomsharing.com.

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