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Città di Taormina

Città di Taormina

App Official City of Taormina Official app of the Municipality of Taormina
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Città di Taormina Description

The App City of Taormina, designed for the town of Taormina in the province of Messina, allows you to get information quickly and effectively, on the move.
It is a service for citizens and tourists, but also to the commercial activities of the territory.
Through the app, you can know in real time events and initiatives planned, news about failures and outages or notices of civil protection emergencies, participate in opinion polls and communicate directly with the Mayor and the offices, easy access routes, sites interest and commercial activities of the City ... all with a simple click!
What aspects, download free Official App of the town of Taormina and take advantage of promotions for you!
The App "City of Taormina", developed for the Municipality of Taormina, located near to Messina and Catania, Allows you to get all the information you need in the quickest and more effective way, everywhere.
It is a service addressed to citizens and tourists, And Also to commercial activities Within the territory. Through the app you can know in real time, about events and planned Initiatives, news about damages or breakdowns, or notices for civil protection emergencies, but you-can Also take part to surveys and polls and communicate directly with the mayor and the offices, easily find touristic itineraries, points of interest and commercial activities in the town ... you can do this all with a simple click!
What are you waiting for? Download the Official App of Municipality of Taormina and take advantage of all the promotion designed for you!


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