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John Norris
John Norris
*Problems remain after 'bug fix' update 19/04/20* Can suddenly shut down in-play, but the worst thing is the 'Smarty Pants' notification when you've answered a hard question, which you then have to click away. It can then freeze and kick you out. This wouldn't be so bad if it does it on the last of the 3 questions, but when it does it after the 1st one you never get a chance on the remaining questions, and when you get back in the ones that you were denied from answering are marked as 'wrong'.
Posted 6 months ago
Martino Viljoen
Martino Viljoen
Great platform. Really enjoyable. However It seems it cannot handle quiz parties of 15 or more without lagging and glitching. Maybe look into that. And variety of questions. They repeat fairly quickly. Other than that, keep up the good work!
Posted 6 months ago
Surf Shop
Surf Shop
Fun to play, although there are some quirky ways of asking questions, and some answers are wrong. Also, wish there was a way to chat with your opponents. The app always has the "play again" pop up which i always press by accident. The app should have many more categories of questions. I dont get the questions from your country, and for this, a life is required, and the country always wins.
Posted 6 months ago
Kostas Ventouras
Kostas Ventouras
"Connect with Facebook" on start screen never works. I have to choose "Later". At the first try of inputting a name, the app always restarts. On the second try it works, and I can successfully connect Facebook via the options. If I close the app, it then always shows "couldn't connect" error until I clear its data (not just cache) and do it all over again.
Posted 6 months ago

Quiz Planet Description

Quiz Planet is a fast-paced quiz game of intergalactic proportions where you can compete against your friends and other players.

Test your knowledge with countless interesting quiz questions from 19 varied categories and move to the top of the leader board!

Do you know more than your friends? Find out with Quiz Planet!


• Exciting multiplayer fun. Play against your friends and random players!
• Over 10,000 quiz questions. Discover new questions every day that make you smarter!
• Diversified categories. Choose your favorites from 19 topics!
• You against the whole country. Seize the daily opportunity to compete against the rest of your country!
• Your quiz questions. Create your own questions for Quiz Planet!
• Unlimited action. Collect all cute aliens and shoot to the top of the leader board!
• Completely in English. Quiz Planet is available for free in 28 languages!

Quiz categories

• Geography
• History
• Science
• Animals & Plants
• Body & Soul
• Food & Drink
• Customs & Traditions
• Politics & Society
• Sports
• Technology
• Brands & Business
• Beauty & Fashion
• Celebrities
• Literature & Language
• Movies
• TV Shows & Series
• Music
• Games
• Art

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