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Movie Kids Lock for YouTube

Movie Kids Lock for YouTube

This is a app that enables worry-free viewing of YouTube videos by children.
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Movie Kids Lock for YouTube Description

・Parents and guardians can make playlists and allow children to watch only videos they approved.
・They can automatically loop the videos in a playlist to limit viewing to videos they specified.
・Links to related videos and the like are not displayed after playback.
・You can edit 3 movie list.

Optional sister application "Secure Kids Lock"
If you get "Secure Kids Lock"・・・
It prevents incorrect operations, including pushing the home key, permitting a more secure and practical lock.

How it works
There are two screens: a settings screen and a video list screen.

「Edit screen」(for parent)
・Search a movie for play
・Movie preview
・Editing play list(add in,delete,sort)

「movie List screen」 (for kids)
Pressing the "Back" key during playback takes you back to the playlist screen.
The videos are shown consecutively in a loop.

1.Select a save slot(Movie list)
2.Edit a movie list(add in,delete,sort)
3.Start lock
4.Pass the device to a child

The number of movie which can be registered / reproduced by this application is dependent on the memory of your device.
Please terminate the application of others as possible at the time of use.

About Full ver.
・The number of videos that can be added to a list has been increased from two to 99.
・Banner ads are no longer displayed.

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