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Better Together: Video Player

Better Together: Video Player

Video Player plugin for Better Together
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Better Together: Video Player Description

This app is a plugin for Better Together. To use this app, first search for and download Better Together.

The Better Together platform lets you connect phones together to share, help and work with other people.

Plugins for Better Together let you split other services or apps into separate parts on different devices. This plugin shows how you could separate the different components of a typical YouTube video on to different phones. For example, one phone can display the video itself, while others can show playback controls, search results, comments, playlists and related videos.

Better Together does not need internet access or a data connection, and is completely free, with no adverts and no unnecessary permissions. The app is open-source as part of the Better Together and Digital Inclusion toolkits – see: https://github.com/reshaping-the-future/better-together

For more information about the toolkits and related research project, see: https://www.bettertogethertoolkit.org/ and http://www.reshapingthefuture.org/

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