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Origins allows you to build digital albums from new photos or existing images, to which you can add audios, texts and genealogical information. Origins is completely free, and has no unnecessary ads or permissions. The albums (or "narratives") can remain exclusively on the cell phone or tablet on which they were created, or be shared with specific people, and also exported in video format.

Each narrative can include as many multimedia frames as you like. Each box can include an image or photo, text, and up to three layers of music or audio. All elements in each box are optional and can be edited at any time. For example, you can pause the audio recording and then resume it later, or upload images from your media library. Origins can also be used simply as a photo journal, audio recorder, text and sound tool to refer to current news, or even as a multimedia survey tool.

The app is complemented by a platform that allows creating a community repository from image files, documents, audiovisual materials, etc. from a community digital archive.

Origins was created within the framework of a co-design experience between indigenous peoples of southern Patagonia and a research team that links informatics, humanities and social sciences. It is not a simple photo album but interactive narratives designed to stimulate collective memory and share knowledge, whether in the family, community or in civil society organizations. In this way, the app supports initiatives by vulnerable groups concerned with their sense of belonging, interruptions in intergenerational transmission processes, and past-present relationships that activate memory.

For more information about the project, visit: https://apporigenes.blogspot.com .

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